ACLT governance


The Association of Costs Lawyers (ACL) and ACL Training (ACLT) have a joint mission to ensure that the Costs Lawyer profession is served by the provision of an education course or courses, suitable for qualifying new Costs Lawyers.

ACL retains overall responsibility for managing the training of all trainee Costs Lawyers.  ACLT's role, governed by the ACLT Board, is to ensure that the management of the course meets the key performance indicators set out for it, in particular that it continues to be accredited by the Costs Lawyer Standards Board (CLSB). 

The ACLT Board is independent and unequivocally in charge of education policy and decision-making on educational activities. 

The CLSB sets the competence standard for Costs Lawyers. Ultimate responsibility for the development of clear and effective processes and procedures associated with the maintenance of standards and quality assurance of academic provision and overseeing their application lies with the ACLT Board and the governance structure.

ACLT’s committee structure is designed to facilitate the efficient expedition of business and the facilitation and introduction of innovation and best practice. The board process seeks to encourage innovation, build on initiatives and good practice, monitor standards and quality and support the growth of the organisation. Elected student representatives are non-voting members of the ACLT Academic Committee and make an invaluable contribution to its work.

The hierarchy of the ACLT governance process is shown in the figure below.


ACLT governance structure