Frequently Asked Questions

Follow Costs Lawyers on LinkedIn and register for the ACL ebulletin (see
The course is taught and authored by Costs Lawyers so you learn from industry experts. Engagement with tutors and other students opens up a network of costs employers.  We also recommend using the Association of Costs Lawyers (ACL)  (see for networking, as ACLT students will be automatically registered as student members of ACL during the course. ACL runs excellent networking events with employers and Costs Lawyers.
Being qualified as a Costs Lawyer enables you to recover a higher hourly rate which also will be advantageous to your own remuneration package. It also provides enhanced recognition, along with the Rights of Audience. There tends to be more trust in a qualified Costs Lawyer as a regulated lawyer with a recognised Code of Conduct if being instructed for the first time. 
There is a large salary range, but LinkedIn, and other legal recruitment sites, can provide insight into the range based on location, experience and the type of work that the role requires.
The full course takes 2 years to complete but those with prior legal qualifications such as LLBs and LPCs are eligble for exemptions from certain modules, thereby reducing the time and expense to complete the qualification. Existing experience as a costs draftsperson will also help with completion of the qualifying experience requirement for the CLSB. For specific guidance, please contact and we can clarify exemptions specific to your personal circumstances.
A qualified solicitor must complete 2 years of supervised costs work experience in addition to completing the costs lawyer qualification. Full details on the requirements are available from the CLSB website at
There is one exam in year 1 and two exams in year 2. These will be held at locations in the South and North of England. Depending on student numbers, additional locations may be made availble elsewhere. Other modules are assessed by written assignment or face to face seminar activity.
All course materials are provided for you and are available online. You do not need to purchase anything extra. Some modules provide extra reading suggestions, but that is strictly voluntary and not a part of the required curriculum.
Written assignments are practical, about the application of real world costs law and practice. You will produce documents on the course that you would produce in the real world as a Costs Lawyer. The course is designed to give you a practical grounding in the work of a Costs Lawyer.
Assessments take place during an assessment window twice a year, normally in January and June, not at the end of every module. The assessments will either be a written assignment submission, a face to face seminar, or a face to face written exam, depending on the module. Each assessment window will require completion of 2-3 assessments, depending on which year of the course you are on.
Courses begin every September and February.  Check the website for actual enrolment window dates.
No. The course is open entry requiring only Maths and English at GCSE or equivalent as the minimum entry requirement. A UK qualifying law degree will exempt you from certain modules and reduce the length of time to complete the qualification.
Yes, exemptions will lead to a reduction in course fees. Please contact for bespoke fees guidance.
The course will help you link what you do in practice to your studies. Your existing experience may be used towards Qualifying Experience. This coupled with exemptions as a result of your LLB and CILEX qualifications will allow you to qualify more quickly. Please contact for bespoke guidance on exemptions.
This will depend on the content of overseas qualifications. Please contact with further details and we will be happy to provide personalised guidance.
Not yet but this is likely to change. We are looking at work based exemptions for the future and are in discussion with the CLSB.
No, not yet. ACLT in conjunction with the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (IfATE), employers and the CLSB are currently in the Costs Lawyer apprenticeship development process. Please contact support@acltraining if you are an employer interested in this future apprenticeship planning.
ACLT does not have a phone line but please contact and we can set up an online Teams call with you.
The course is delivered part-time and online with the exception of the Costs Advocacy seminar and some exams and is designed to be completed while working full time.