Qualified Costs Lawyer profile - Paul

Paul Brechany, qualified Costs Lawyer at Irwin Mitchell

Paul, who qualified in 2023, talks about his background and how he got into costs law

Completing the ACL Training Course was a highly useful step in my career and the people I met helped give me a much wider view of costs law in the whole. 

I did not have a background in law, having joined the Irwin Mitchell Costs Management Team from a role in IT training through a joint project around the roll out of Electronic Billing. The ACLT course provided me with the much-needed breadth of legal knowledge to progress within the profession, where otherwise I may have been limited within my existing skill set. I appreciate the guidance and support provided by my firm in identifying the best way to develop, and the amazing tutors and course leader who supported us throughout the course.

As a result of the course, I have confidence in discussing legal matters with colleagues and clients, standing on a firm foundation of knowledge and with a network of allies with varied specialisms across the profession. 

I qualified in January 2023 and would hope to return to assist the ACLT as a tutor in the future once I have sufficient further experience, as the training course is what will shape the profession moving forward.