Trainee Costs Lawyer profile - Callum

Callum Shaw, Trainee Costs Lawyer, Bolt Burdon Kemp

Callum discusses his career in costs law

After completing my law degree and LPC, I was unemployed and unsure where to start my legal career. I would eventually join Bolt Burdon Kemp in March 2022 as a Paralegal in the Legal Costs team; an exciting and challenging opportunity as I had very limited knowledge of Costs Law at this point.

Within months of starting my new role, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in Costs. Despite my relatively minimal experience, I was encouraged by the BBK to qualify and I commenced training to become a Costs Lawyer in January 2023..

I am currently halfway through the course and I have already obtained more knowledge on Costs Law and litigation than I could ever have imagined at this stage in my career. I would therefore encourage anyone with an interest in litigation to challenge themselves and undertake the qualification to become a Costs Lawyer in order to develop their skills and progress their legal career.

Added September 2023