Trainee Costs Lawyer profile - Louise

Louise Walker-Kelly, trainee Costs Lawyer at Irwin Mitchell. 

Louise talks about her career to date and why she is studying on the ACLT course.

My background is that I am a qualified Solicitor looking to dual qualify as a Costs Lawyer. I originally qualified as a Criminal Defence Solicitor and due to legal reforms decided on changing my practice area. I commenced working for Irwin Mitchell as a Personal Injury Litigator. I was given the opportunity to apply for a role within Irwin Mitchell Costs Management Team and due to my transferrable skills and interest in obtaining more advocacy opportunities I was offered a Law costs draftsman role.

As Irwin Mitchell are committed to developing their staff members and they have a sponsorship scheme I proceeded to embark on the ACL formal qualification. Due to my previous qualifications, I was exempt from parts of the course and so have commenced the final year of the course in January 2023. So far, I am really enjoying the course and continuing to develop my costs law skills which assist me in my day-to-day practice. I highly recommend the professional training course to become a Costs Lawyer.

Upon completion of the ACL professional qualification, I will become dual qualified as a costs lawyer. With the ACL qualification I will gain higher rights of audience and I hope in the future to conduct Advocacy for my clients. I also have a passion for developing others and wish to assist with training and mentoring others. 

Added April 2023